Medical Opinion Forms for Back Injuries and Musculoskeletal Disorders

When deciding whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits for a musculoskeletal disorder, the Social Security Administration will consider your ability to ambulate effectively on a sustained basis and your ability to perform fine and gross movements effectively. Common medical impairments that may lead to an inability to perform these actions include back pain, arthritis, or other joint or spinal disorders.

Medical opinion forms in your musculoskeletal disorder, arthritis, or back pain Social Security disability case should be filled out by acceptable medical sources such as your treating back doctor. Such forms can save time for your doctor and your Social Security disability attorney. The information from these forms will help the Social Security Administration determine if your disability meets Listing 1.00 for Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Listing of Impairments and to determine your residual functional capacity.

Sometimes, your doctor will not have all the information needed to fill out a musculoskeletal disorder or spine injury Social Security disability medical form, but it can be helpful for your attorney to know what your spinal doctor does not know in addition to what he or she does know. It is better for your doctor to indicate that he or she does not know the answer to a question on the back injury Social Security medical form than to leave it blank.