Social Security disability resources for attorneys and claimants

These free Social Security disability resources from Peter Young and James Publishing’s authors are designed to speed your research and answer common questions.

Whether you are (1) a claimant seeking disability benefits, (2) looking for an experienced Social Security disability attorney, or (3) a disability lawyer seeking legal resources, these documents and links should provide material assistance.

We provide the general public with guides and instructions written by attorneys who specialize in aiding persons receive disability. This website is categorized into two main areas, which you will find color coded below.

First you will find the Resources for Claimants section, color coded in red. This section helps persons looking to represent themselves at their disability trial, as well as provide insight into the process for those who will be seeking an attorney.

Secondly you will find the Resources for Attorneys section, color coded in yellow. This section helps attorneys looking for indepth strategies, guides, and actionable steps to improve their claim success rate, as well as increase the monetary amount awarded.

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Resources for Claimants

Resources for Attorneys